fredag den 12. juni 2015

ming-rester (moderteksten)

abort med abba
absolute me
abstract me
absurd me
abuse me
you are coming back in style
all the time I was loving you
you were smiling the same smile
I was loving you like a child
and you are doing pole-dance on my sincere attitude

But dad
its me calling
me want some sincere attitude
me want some salt and pebber
to this steak of yours
cant swallow
cant heartbeat here anymore
hear hear
this is the sound of a carcrash
forget me not
but but I cant focuse
but I couldnt deside
weather to be a sweetheart
weeping rock rock
or to let my butt talk its pang images
constantly changing sets and genres

But I love you with my glassheart dad
but in the end phantom pain is killing me
me want some sugar
me want some catastrophe
me want an endless story line
an I
and I will hang with you
talk with your language
scream with your final compilation of survival kit
knit knit knit
sådan lyder en produktion af forskning

I always knew I would spend a lot of time alone
I am so afraid of doves
I am so like cliché your kidney
I am so scorpionistic
I am the only happy boy in this landsby pt
I am the camera
I am to clever to deal with this shit
I am to gay to function
I bought this crap necklace last night
very ha ha very gangster
I came here for a hard fuck
not for the missionary core soul
I cant hear my one voice
I dont wanna be jalla alone in my apartment with wood furniture
I dont want to die
I fffucked a guy friday with a very thick fffladskærm please wush
og G star raw registreret varemærke wush wush
shit med de duer i mit ansigt registreret varemærke
but but fffriday my butt got laid in the park next to colosseum
go go google it it was the perfect place
to fulfill my noncatholic nonshame
nonred and nonshiny nonass
just for a minute
I was like: ich nonliebe dich
hush the police are coming silencio
no si keep on fffuck me
do you smoke si joint
tell me where to si find a si si si

I miss you
I miss you registreret varemærke
I might as well end up telling you the truth
I registreret varemærke am so hungry
I registreret am so lonely
I regi want some cheese
I spend my time trying to forget you
With booze and smoke and cigarettes and dope
I still like big hairy legs
I still want to kill my dead father
I think uniformer er pæne is it a crime
I wanna tell you about my feelings
I wanna tell you about my mind
I was so drunk that year I had a father
I was so high yesterday
I did MDMA og ketamin
og så de amagerfyre gå i K-hole and K-holes K-hole
I was so outrageously high in this church in italy with you
eventyret slap mig ind i små shorts
I was so stoned that summer
I was sipping my fathers hvad er det modsatte af angst
if I could fuck you
if I could fuck you so hard in the star on the stairs
if you could bake me a very sick and pretty ginger baby
en prinsesse med lort på
love takes time

Ok fffuck you
you dead moron
I will now talk to someone else who would listen
the audience will listen right
ok this was meant to be
the ultimate collection of my sincere ass sssongs
but now this ssscorpion on my shoulder ssstarts
to blink
see I was such a tiny goodie-bag back when I had a fremtid
saying lay down
bend over
do you want a worm
si si peep peep
now my hands is reflecting my heart:
it is not funny
all the blue
all the world is falling falling
but Im real life
and your real life
and were real life
tell me what to do with my body

New big black english boy
meets white fat danish boy: me
at the smoking stairs:
so what brings you to the madhouse
me: the king of sorrow
me: the last pet in the world
I was so fucked yesterday
that døden virkelig fremstod
som et sandsynligt alternativ
en upcoming bobler
happy violentine
little black dress
no one would understand me
maybe I should go and live amongst the animals

So I know that I have a body
I know that you have a body
I know that our bodies can meet
what is the fucking problem
so its time to lipssync for my life
so this is my ass weeping:
non of dem ghost U draw in me will come back in style
so this is the new year
so your brown eyes is like gold
so your green eyes is like the moon
so what are we having for dinner
so where is my father
he is downloading right now please wait

In the beginning of this summer
when I bought the scorpion
I was so: this is fremtiden speaking
this summer there will be no misunderstanding
in the meantime: this is what happens
when you try to change you
by buying cherry lollipop in the kiosk
and you fall on the asphalt on your way home to cassa
everybody wants to lick my bloody knee
beyonce wants to beethoven
det litterære miljø wants to lick my bloody knee
but I want U to lick my bloody knee lick it
take me down gypsie perfect lane
in the meantime: together is always closing down already
in the meantime: would you mind to pump
you are the morningbird
you are the river
you bloody mother fucking asshole

you go to my head

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